• 26-03-2020

    Why do we have allergies?

    Allergies occur because our immune system mistakenly sees pollen/allergens as a danger, and releases  histamine, from our mast cells during an allergic response. Histamines trigger the runny nose, itchy watery eyes, nasal congestion and sneezing. Main cause for seasonal allergies in Vancouver are tree pollens and grass pollens. 

    Most over the counter drugs are anti histamines, meaning they block the release of histamine and dry everything up. But, these do come with side effects such as increased drowsiness, increased HR and blood pressure, dry mouth/dry mucous membranes, among other concerns. Using non drowsy antihistamines once in a while if necessary is OK, but long term throughout the entire allergy season isn’t ideal. More natural approaches are:


    1. Reduce exposure/ Stay Indoors- You can track pollen counts in your area and stay inside when counts are highest
    2. Shower regularly- If you are outside a lot, and suffer from allergies, showering morning and night will help wash pollens off your hair ( Where they can stick) and face
    3. Use a Netti Pot daily or a sinus rinse- This ensures clear nasal passages and prevent sinusitis. These rinses help remove pollen from nasal passages and clear mucous build up
    4. Keep windows closed in both house/car- This prevents pollens and dust from flying inside
    5. Get an air purifier with filters/ Humidifier- Helps keep air clean and moist and nasal passages clear
    6. De allergy your home- Dust and vacuum regularly esp. furniture, carpets and bedding
    7. Limit dairy and other inflammatory foods- dairy is very mucous forming and can cause congestion along with other inflammatory foods ( sugar) 
    8. Natural Supplements: 

    Quercetin- Natural Anti histamine has been shown to block the release of histamine. Also found in apples, onions and black tea or as a supplement

    NAC- Helps thin mucous and congestion

    Stinging Nettle- acts as an anti-inflammatory to help with sx of hayfever

    Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids- stabilizes mast cells which decreases histamine

    Fish oil- Can help with inflammatory symptoms of allergies