• 24-03-2016

    Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

    We hear about foods like strawberries being a super food and yet for many people, they are causing inflammatory conditions in the body that leads to health concerns: arthritis, bursitis, colitis, conditions that can affect your joints and gut. These kinds of inflammations in the body need an anti-flammatory diet. Dr. Polo was on The Jill Bennett show on CKNW to talk about an anti-inflammatory diet, including what foods to avoid, for how long and how to re-introduce the food.

    You should avoid these foods for a good 3-6 weeks before you see a hint of improvement. Most people see improvement within a few weeks. Does this mean you have to always avoid those foods? It depends on the condition. You might notice that bringing the foods back in will create symptoms again. Pay attention to that concern and decide whether it is a food you can continue to eat.

    In this radio clip, Jill Bennett also asks about gluten. Most people that have inflammatory concerns do find an imporovement when gluten and dairy is removed. The key is to experiment. 

    For more information on foods to avoid in an anti-inflammatory diet, and how to go about removing these foods and potentially re-introducing them, listen to Dr. Allana's interview on the Jill Bennett show.

    Listen here.