• 06-09-2023

    Tips on beating the back-to-school germs

    Before you know it, Cold and Flu season will be here, so you may want to start considering boosting your kids' immune systems to strengthen and be prepared for bugs.
    Tips on beating the back-to-school germs:
    1. Eat the rainbow. Avoid sugar, processed foods and additives as much as possible. Stick to whole foods, fruits and vegetables, proteins, nuts, seeds and legumes.
    2. Get adequate sleep. Kids need anywhere between 10-12 hours of sleep to keep their bodies
    and immune systems strong.
    3. Stay active and keep up with the exercise.  Active kids are healthier kids with a
    stronger immune system. I recommend 60 minutes of physical activity every day.
    4. Manage stress. Stress also affects kids' immune systems the same way it does adults- allow
    for kids to have ample downtime to rest and repair.
    5. Proper handwashing with soap and water regularly. 80% of
    diseases are spread by touch, so as much as hand washing seems like such a simple concept, it's
    probably one of the most important ones.
    6. Probiotics. I recommend starting children on a probiotic early on, with about 5-20 billion
    cultures. This will help strengthen the gut, which in turn strengthens the immune system.
    7. Important supplements: Vitamin D, Zinc, fish oil and vitamin C are also great supplements for children to take to
    boost an immune system.
    8. Elderberry syrup is a great immune booster, helps kids fight the flu or cold, and is antibacterial and antiviral.