• 25-01-2016

    How to Avoid Xenoestrogens for Healthy Hormones

    Xenoestrogens and many other hormones become deposited and stored in our body, particularly in our fat reserves. With the amount of pollution in our air, water and general environment and surroundings, we are constantly exposed from unavoidable sources. If you can avoid known sources and keep your body from accumulating with toxins, it would be a great investment in your health, wellbeing, hormonal balance and much more.

    Below are simple ways you can help decrease your exposure to these “bad estrogens”

    - Check your cosmetics, soaps, lotions, dish detergents etc. for synthetic chemicals such as parabens, petroleum products (mineral oil is petroleum based) and “fragrance.” Many ingredients for sunscreen protection show estrogenic activity as well. The skin is very effective at absorbing what you put on it. A woman on average swallows 8 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. Read labels and if there are words too complicated to pronounce or you don’t know what they are, they are most likely toxic. Ideally your cosmetics should be as organic as possible since pesticides are another source of xenoestrogens. Try this resource to better understand what to avoid in your cosmetics and skin care products. Try natural solutions to common beauty problems.

    - Avoid eating and storing foods in plastic. The softer the plastic the more will leach into foods and drinks. Plastic wrap, plastic bags (Ziploc), plastic water bottles (plastic bike bottles are some of the worst sources) are much more harmful than harder plastic containers such as Tupperware, and Nalgene bottles. Use wax paper, glass storage containers and jars or even aluminum foil as an alternative (glass is best). Never microwave or heat anything in plastic. The more oil or fat content in the food, the more toxins will leach into it from the plastic—try your best to avoid buying oils, nuts or cheeses stored in plastic bottles or packaging. If you purchase something in plastic packaging such as flax seeds or other nuts, immediately transfer them to a glass jar for storage since the amount of time the food has contact with the plastic also affects the amount of toxins passed into the food. Store food and drink in glass or stainless steel containers. 

    - It should also be noted that non-organic meat and dairy can be sources of xenoestrogens in that steroid hormones are used to fatten cattle and poultry. Try to buy organic meats and dairy products as best as you can to avoid getting extraneous hormone sources. Grass-fed beef has up to 5x more Omega-3, 2x more CLA fatty acids; more Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zinc, and Iron. 

    - Try to buy organic produce whenever possible, as xenoestrogens are found in pesticides used to grow conventional produce. If you can't afford or don't want to buy organic everything, try to steer clear of the dirty dozen.

    If you are concerned about xenoestrogens, or your hormonal health, please make an appointment to come and see me. There are so many effects on our health when hormones are out of balance.