• 30-01-2015

    Eating Well on Super Bowl Sunday

    The Super Bowl is synonymous with chilli and cheesy nachos, sausage rolled in wheat and other fried and not exactly healthy foods. So how can you survive the day without going overboard and packing on the pounds? I’ve got a few tips to share with you.


    Balance Alcohol Consumption with Water

    Beer and football go hand in hand. No matter what your choice of alcoholic beverage, balance your intake with water to stay properly hydrated (alcohol can dehydrate you) and to keep your system well-flushed. Water can also fill you up just a little bit more, so you tend to eat less.

    Bring Your Own Healthy Option

    If you are attending a party, you can probably expect a great spread of fat-filled, unhealthy treats. Bring something you can share with everyone that offers a nice alternative. You can reach for this instead when you want something to snack on. Some healthier options include,

    Eat Before Arriving So You Aren’t Starving

    When our bellies are empty, we are more likely to make poor choices, as our body naturally just wants us to get food in there fast. Eat a healthy, protein-rich snack before you head out to the party, or start the game. You are less likely to overeat and more likely to choose consciously.

    When You Do Indulge, Detox

    When you do overeat and overindulge the important thing is to not beat yourself up over it. Recognize it wasn’t your finest hour and then move on. The next day you can mitigate damage by having a detox day. Our blog has great resources for how to do this, but a detox day might include drinking tons of water (with lemon would be great!), some light fasting, saying no to white sugar, white flour and white rice, steering clear of alcohol and caffeine and focusing on eating a lot of protein and vegetables.

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